Development Of Floating Solar Projects

Floating solar energy projects are complex. Therefore, technical, commercial and legal know-how is needed. Suniboat works to successfully execute these complex floating solar projects end-to-end.

We conduct a pre-feasibility study to help establish the opportunity and the potential technical difficulties in developing a floating solar project.

Moving forward, we also undertake a feasibility study with topography diagnostics of the water body. The study provides energy yield estimates, grid evacuation diagnostic, technical and anchoring diagnostic, final plant configuration and a provisional balance sheet with a draft quotation

Many factors are considered when designing a safe, efficient, and cost friendly floating solar project. With our experience in designing for the commercial, industrial and utility solar market let us develop a system to meet your needs.

A detailed floating solar project plan is the heart of any successful project. Suniboat understands what it takes to generate site plans for different solar project types.

We help secure permissions for floating solar power project installations. We take care of local liasioning and dealing with manufacturers, suppliers and technicians. From preliminary sizing to detailed diagrams and all the connections in-between, our expertise and professional relationships deliver an effective and efficient design for your floating solar project. We also select the right components to maximize the life of your project.

If required we liaise with local utility company to and execute a Net Metering Agreement (NMA). Energy produced from the floating solar power project generates net metering credits that can be applied to the customer’s utility bills. Thus the power produced if not utilized instantaneously, is used to offset a customer’s electric energy consumption using Net Metering Credits.

Our team provides you with an in-depth analysis of your site, interconnection point, and production goals to help you make the most of your floating solar project. The result is a turnkey project of various sizes: from commercial, industrial and small irrigation ponds to utility scale floating solar.

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